The Craft: Method Acting Online

Discover the essence of Method Acting with our online course, "The Craft." Transform your performances using our expert-led exercises. Enrol now and unleash the actor within you.

Course Overview

The Craft: Method Acting Online" offers a unique blend of theory, practical exercises, and personalized feedback to guide you through the nuances of method acting. This course is structured to provide a step-by-step approach to learning and applying the principles of method acting in your performances.

What You'll Learn

In "The Craft: Method Acting Online," you will learn to delve into the psychological and emotional depths of your characters, creating authentic, lived-in performances. Our course will guide you through the meticulous process of character development, from the internal motivations to the subtleties of physical expression. By bridging the gap between actor and role, you'll emerge not just with improved techniques, but with a newfound confidence in your craft, ready to captivate audiences with your truth and vulnerability on stage or screen.

A process of active relaxation is followed by sensory exercises, which is followed by character creation and, finally, exploratory scene work. The emphasis throughout scene work is on exploration, not on a finished product. Actors are required to make time to rehearse with their scene partner as well and practice relaxation, sensory and character work outside of class.

Course Features

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Cost: $45.00 per Month
Trainer: Peter Kalos
Location: Online
Class Duration: Ongoing, with new videos each month.