2021 Method Weekly Master The Art With Peter Kalos

FEED YOUR ACTING SOUL! Join us at this gathering to help us all stay creative…. and sane!
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Each class follows the same format as developed by Lee Strasberg at the Actors' Studio, New York. The process is fluid, precise and specific and each element serves a very specific purpose in terms of training the actor's instrument.
What you'll learn
  • RELAXATION: I’ll guide you all through a full session of relaxation, so you all understand it.
  • COFFEE CUP: Once again, the mother of all sensory work.
  • ACTIONS OF THE CHARACTER: We’ll do some exercises that help you do your scene” above and beyond” the lines! This is pure Stella Adler!
  • DREAM EXERCISE: How to use your dreams as an actor!
  • MORE SONGS: We’ll work off more songs that we tailor as monologues.
A process of active relaxation is followed by sensory exercises which is then followed by character creation and finally leads to exploratory scene work. The emphasis throughout scene work is on exploration not on a finished product. Actors are required to make time to rehearse with their scene partner as well and practice relaxation, sensory and character work outside of class
THE LAB offers weekly acting classes. Classes are ongoing throughout the year (no term breaks) and students participate in one class per week. Our weekly class is akin to a gym workout with the purpose of fine tuning and developing the actor's instrument through a progressive series of exercises which then culminate in scene work. Each class is taught by studio founder Peter Kalos. We believe there is a great benefit in working with the one teacher for a longer period of time as the working relationship between teacher and actor deepens and the actors' specific blocks can be addressed and corrected consistently over a period of time. The format of each class is outlined below.
"Peter was my buffer between directors."
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg American actor
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Online Delivery via Zoom
  • Saturday: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Monday: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Classes are paid for in advance in a block of 8 classes (1 class per week). A group of 8 classes is $200, the balance of which is due before or on your first class. We accept cash, cheque, bank deposit or EFTPOS / credit card payments.